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    It's with great exciting that I'm announcing the release of roleplay server, HeroesWarZone!

    The minecraft community is oversaturated by countless hub servers, faction servers and prison servers. We need to go back to our original roots, survival minecraft. Thus came the idea, HeroesWarZone.
    Through long hours and many days of hard work, we have created a new Roleplay server that utilizes the essential parts of minecraft survival and enchances them to perfect your player experience.

    We are dedicated to providing the best survival server available and create a friendly atmosphere for you to enjoy. Our main priority is to make sure you, as a player, are having fun. We will always be on the lookout on ways to improve and add features.

    Our features include:

    With 13 different skills, you can level up, McMMO provides a great RPG aspect to the server. Level up your skills to gain beneficial perks to further your progress on the server!

    Earn money doing tasks you love, whether it's farming, mining, or something completely different. Level up your jobs to earn awesome and unique perks!

    Earn money from fighting and killing monsters
    (You don't get any money from mobspawner monsters/Animals)

    A fun way to use your money to make more of it by bidding an amount of it to the lottery.

    Custom Terain

    In order to create the best experience possible we have created a custom map to really make everything from the map you want!.

    This is your chance to start your own store with items you gather from around the world.
    Wether its from farming,Mining or something completly different.

    Can't wait to see you on the server!
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Discussion in 'News' started by BlueCrazii, Oct 8, 2017.

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